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Own Brand

Intersource's Own Brand program allows you to control your brand direction, strengthen margins, and leverage existing categories, whilst building significant brand equity for your business. Explore the possibilities of executing a profitable Own Brand program that complements your business plans, contact our team today.


Our product team specialises in taking your unique Own Brand product strategy from concept to shelf. Our capabilities include product engineering, CAD modeling, 3D printing, photography, specifications & compliance (electrical, water, gas, efficiency), production management, documentation and technical reviews.

Life Cycle

Ensuring the success of your Own Brand program, our team works with you to guarantee that your customers have a great experience throughout the life of the product. Our core services include manufacturing, product iterations, quality control, risk management, manufacture’s warranty, compliance, technical support and spare parts.

The Growth Of Own Brand.

The Growth Of Own Brand.

Once the domain of only the most value-conscious shoppers, own brand products are enjoying increasing popularity amid growing consumer interest and greater retailer focus.

Today, own brand products - items manufactured and packaged specifically for a retailer and marketed bearing that retailer's brand - are no longer considered to be a cheap compromise to established national brands.


"Strong private brands stand up and confidently
declare their right to exist."

Christopher Durham

The Intersource Story

Established in 1999, Intersource works with leading retailers and wholesalers across the household appliance industry to deliver lucrative Own Brand product solutions.

We provide our clients with an end-to-end product development service that encompasses the entire product lifecycle. Intersource’s expertise and strong international relationships allow us to deliver compelling Own Brand products for clients.

Investing in Own Brand allows you to control your brand direction, strengthen margins, and leverage existing categories, whilst building significant brand equity for your business.

The Intersource team has vast experience in business consulting, engineering, manufacturing, sourcing, product management and technical support.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with clients to produce innovative product solutions that support their brand/s and growth objectives.

Intersource - the household appliance Own Brand specialists.

To speak to our team about building a stronger business with Own Brand products, please call +61 2 8095 7500 or send us an email on strategy@intersource.co






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"Give them quality. That's the best kind of advertising"

- Milton Hershey
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